» » Are Student-Teachers prepared to face the Mental Health concerns in classrooms?

Teaching in the 21st century requires teachers to address diverse social-emotional, developmental and learning needs arising in a classroom. Mental Health concerns are one such significant need. Are student-teachers prepared to face the Mental Health concerns of children in classrooms? 

This is an attempt to raise/establish the need for empowering student teachers with awareness of Mental Health issues that frequently emerge in schools today. There are gaps in teacher education programs that prevent future teachers from developing a sound understanding of, and dealing with the Mental Health concerns of children in classrooms. 

Going beyond diagnostic labels and clinical presentations, I am examining the degree to which newly recruited teachers, as part of the school-teacher–student–parent coalition, find themselves prepared to respond to the needs of children with difficulties. The present scenario necessitates teachers to work in tandem with education admins  by contributing their own expertise in order to address the unique needs of children. An acknowledgement of the need for relevant training paves the way for building in missing elements of Child Psychology into Education and teacher education programs,  Hope something to be done in near future.

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