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This BLOG is for all of us: teachers, teacher educators, administrators, researchers and policy makers. It is to provide a platform and also to build a network for our voices, ideas and reflections.
Since the idea is to make this Blog reflect all our voices it would only fulfill its purpose, if we contribute to it in as many ways as we can. We look forward to all of you contributing with your experiences, questions, suggestions, perspectives as well as critical comments on different aspects of teacher education and schooling. This could also be through comments and reflections on the posts published.

Your contribution could be in the form of articles, reports documents, pictures, cartoons or any other forms of presentation that can be published. We look forward to your inputs to make this blog truly reflective of our voices. 

We also look forward to comments and suggestions for improvements of this blog to make this a participative endeavor and improve its quality. The articles can be sent in हिन्दी or English to this E-Mail Address.

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Hi there! I am Hung Duy and I am a true enthusiast in the areas of SEO and web design. In my personal life I spend time on photography, mountain climbing, snorkeling and dirt bike riding.
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